Month: June 2019

Neil gets that sinking feeling

After 14 years playing a weekly round of golf Neil Holdaway sank the first hole-in-one of his life at Parley Golf Centre.

He launched his Titleist ProV 1 ball with a 52 degree gap wedge on the 110-yard, 17th hole.

It bounced once then rolled into the cup, sparking great rejoicing on the tee.

The hole is on the part of the course that was extended during a £250,000 development of the centre opposite Bournemouth Airport.

Neil, who works at GSF Car Parts in Poole, said: “I had come close to getting a hole-in-one many times, but this was my first.

“I was just having a round with three friends and I hit the ball and the wind held it up a little before it landed on the green and rolled into the hole.

“I jumped up and down and high-fived everyone – I’m surprised the whole of Bournemouth didn’t hear me.

“I came back to the clubhouse and bought everyone a drink.”

Neil, who has a 12 handicap, has been a member of the club for 12 years and plays every Sunday.

Daryl Dampney, manager of the centre, said: “It’s what every golfer dreams of and we’ve had a few in recent years.

“Of course we’re all happy for him – and I enjoyed the spike in bar takings.”

Parley Golf Centre has a number of events this season including its ‘Parley Opens’ on September 19, 20, 21 and 22. There are competitions for ladies, seniors, mixed and men.

And its members have the club championship at the end of July and the entertaining Greenkeepers’ Revenge tournament on August 3.


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