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Golf Store tees off at Parley

Parley Golf Centre, which is investing £250,000 to become the finest practice facility in the region, has opened a new golf shop as part of the development.

The Golf Store is being run by professional Andrew Pakes and is enticing customers with up to 50 per cent off all clothing, shoes and clubs.

PGA Professional Andrew has spent the last 26 years in Europe, coaching some of the top players in Germany and Denmark.

There he developed retail outlets under the Golf Store brand and on returning to the UK found the perfect home at Parley.

The centre aims to open its newly orientated course and practice areas next year, but the present course and facilities are remaining open.

Andrew, who also built at €1m 9-hole Academy course in Vejen, Denmark, said: “As well as selling equipment and clothing I can offer expert, impartial advice and tuition to all levels.

“The shop sells everything a golfer needs and as an introductory offer I’m offering huge discounts for the foreseeable future.”

Andrew was a member of Ferndown Golf Club for 12 years before turning pro in 1983.

After short stints at Meyrick Park, Queens Park and Sherborne golf clubs he moved to Germany and subsequently to Denmark.

He added: “My market and speciality is the beginner and ‘growing’ golfer market, but I have stock for all levels.

“There really is a buzz around Parley and there is nothing else like it around here.

“The driving range is popular especially with its two robots cutting the grass and collecting the balls, and when the new facilities open there will be even more interest.

“There is also a café-bar and a golf simulator so that even fair weather golfers can enjoy Parley all year round.

“When I was looking to relocate to this area I came to Parley and realised it was exactly the right place to open the Golf Store.”

Who made the crop circles on our field?

Stunned staff on the Parley Court Estate in Dorset are trying to work out how a large area of a maize became damaged.

The flattened crop was discovered in a field know as 18 Acres which is close to the estate’s equestrian and golf centres opposite Bournemouth Airport.

The irregular pattern is unlike the more typical crop circles, and localised weather events and damage from an aeroplane seem unlikely causes.

To explore the phenomenon closer, golf centre manager Daryl Dampney flew his drone over the field and saw the scale of the damage, which covers an area of about 100 square feet.

He now believes the most likely explanation is that it was made by people playing Pokemon Go.

The game uses a smartphone’s GPS location and real-world maps to bring computer games into the outdoors.

Players are able to move around and collect free items in the game. And staff believe a Pokemon character was hiding among the maize.

Daryl said: “One of the people who works in the stables found the maize damaged so we went and had a look ourselves. It was all very odd.

“The damage is quite linear and not like a circle and we didn’t know what had caused it. We’ve never had anything like it before.

“I was able to fly the drone over the field because it is far away enough from the airport.

“There doesn’t appear to be any particular shape or pattern, so assuming it was made by people rather than aliens we wondered why someone would do it.

“I’m told that there have been Pokemon characters on the estate so it’s possible that someone damaged the crop while playing the game.”

Crop circles have grown in number since the early 1980s, with many believing they are caused by aliens or some sort of paranormal activity.

However, in 1991 two hoaxers, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, took credit for having created many circles throughout England after one of their circles was described by a circle investigator as impossible to be made by human hand.

Congratulations James

Parley Golf Centre’s James White won the Player of the Season award in the Little Gems League – meaning it’s the fourth year in a row the club has held the trophy.

The US-born golfer played nine games over the summer, winning seven, halving one and losing one.

For the previous two years Parley’s Bob Lloyd won the player of the season title and before that the club’s Gary Banks lifted the cup.

The league was launched 11 years ago and six clubs compete for the team title, which this year was won by Flight Refuelling with Parley runners-up.

Parley Golf Centre, which is undergoing a £250,000 investment programme to make it the finest practice facility in the region, is accessed opposite Bournemouth Airport.

James, who has lived in the UK for 20 years, said: “It’s a fun league to play in and Parley is a great club to belong to.

“I only lost one game during the season and I was delighted to pick up the trophy that we’ve had for four years in a row.

“The work at the centre is really coming on and the new course is shaping up nicely and will be longer, so more of a test.

“Parley is a really friendly club and next year we hope to go one better and win the team title.”

Daryl Dampney, manager of Parley Golf Centre, said: “We were founder members of the league and the team really enjoy playing in it.

“We aim to officially launch the new course and facilities next year, but the existing course is playable until then.

“We have a very exciting future ahead and with a growing ladies’ section as well as more junior members we’re bucking the national trend.”

Earlier this year Parley introduced a pair of robots on its driving range – one to mow the grass and the other to collect the balls.

Robots come to Parley

Parley Golf Centre has recruited two new hard-working members of staff – a pair of robots.

One of its new employees – dubbed the Mowbot – spends its life cutting the grass on the range.

The other drives itself around scooping up the range balls and, when it has 300, deposits them at its docking station.

It drops them through a special grill where they are automatically rinsed before being fired back to the range where they are given a proper wash.

The high quality Callaway balls are then available for the golfers from the ball-dispensing machine at the centre in Dorset opposite Bournemouth airport.

The automation of the range saves time, increases safety, and the reaction of members and visitors has been positive.

With a major £250,000 investment programme underway to turn the centre into the finest practice facility in the region, the robots free up staff for developing the new course and for other innovations.

Created by Automated Managed Services under the ‘TrueBot’ brand, the robots are thought to be the only ones working in the region. They are about four feet across and run quietly over the grass.

Daryl Dampney, manager of the centre, said: “We recently introduced a state-of-the-art simulator and now we’ve brought in the robots because we want to continue innovating.

“The robots save a huge amount of time and money we can just leave them to it all day without having to worry about the range.

“It means our ground staff can concentrate on developing the new course and the other practice facilities we are bringing to the centre.

“There are wires buried around the range and the robots are programmed to sweep the area inside them.

“The ball collector robot goes most often to the places where the majority of balls land and it can be controlled by text message.”

Ladies to the fore at Parley

The growing army of lady members at Parley Golf Centre has been receiving complimentary instruction about competition golf.

Club pro Marcus Urbye has been nurturing the ladies’ section of the club and membership has soared since last summer.

Now he is giving tutorials on how various golf competitions work to help encourage the ladies to take part.

The success of the female section at Parley contrasts with national figures that have shown a slight decline.

In Great Britain, female participation in golf accounts for 12 per cent – a decline from 15 per cent in 2011.

Parley’s members include complete novices as well as more experienced golfers, but they are all attracted by the facilities.

There is an on-going £250,000 investment to make the centre opposite Bournemouth airport the stand-out practice facility in the region.

It also has a simulator, great driving range with robots as well as a beautiful nine-hole course and practice area currently nearing completion.

Marcus Urbye said: “The ladies really enjoy the golf, but also the social side. The clubhouse is a great place to meet and eat for members as well as non-members.

“After our female membership rose to such high levels there was a demand for lessons in how competitions in golf actually work; the different types of scoring and so on.

“So I ran a few sessions explaining it all so hopefully our members will enjoy some competition golf.

“We also have plenty of junior members, and many other youngsters who turn up regularly to play and practice.”

Pic caption: Marcus and some of the lady players at Parley

Golf Simulator Now Open!

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COMING SOON – Golf Simulator

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