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Muscle Mechanics – Sports and Clinical Massage

Your muscles work as balanced pairs, when one contracts the joint moves one way, and when they opposing muscle contracts the joint moves back the other way. Basically they are two opposing pulley systems which work perfectly well when the muscles are in balance with each other. But the body will always strive to find the easiest way to work which sets up imbalances.

Whether through overuse or underuse, one pulley becomes stronger than the other leading to the joints being worked in a slightly different way, causing joint damage and misalignments. The weaker of the paired muscles is being stretched so will feel achy, hot, tender to touch and will have what a lot of people call knots in it. As it is weak it is more susceptible to damage.

The muscle loses its ability to act as a shock absorber and is unable to brace the joint in the way that is needed leading to more wear and tear and the joint becoming unstable. At any stage of the pain cycle you can rebalance the muscles and leave them working more effectively, and although you cannot reverse the wear and tear in the joints, balanced muscles will leave them more stable and able to move more easily.

Muscle mechanics is not about simply treating your symptoms, but treating the causes of those symptoms. Using massage, stretching and strengthening techniques the muscles are very easily rebalanced. Once these imbalances have been identified then you can start taking control of your own rehabilitation by doing some very simply exercises throughout the day, or simply by rubbing the right muscle in the right place.

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