Parley goes 3D

Parley Golf Centre has taken another technological swing forward by creating an overhead tour of its course and showing it on a big screen and through a mobile phone app.

The images have been converted into graphics that give an accurate bird’s eye look at the recently-extended course.

A large screen in the clubhouse displays the 18 holes and the app allows golfers to see what awaits them.

The app will double as a scorecard in future so players can keep a record of their round without the need of a little pencil.

This advance follows on from the introduction of Parley’s two robots that patrol the driving range, its state-of-the-art practice booths and the hi-tech simulator.

Made by Whole-in-1 golf, the free to download 3D flyover technology uses GPS data and also lets local businesses advertise.

Manager Daryl Dampney said: “We are dedicated to improving what we have to offer, not only on the course and in the clubhouse but through technological means.

“Having invested heavily in the new course and the practice area we want golfers to get the most out of them.

“This technology enables people to fly over the course before they play it and get a detailed idea of each hole.

“They can take a virtual tour of the fairway before they drive off and can check the orientation of the greens prior to putting.

“The app will also have tips from one of our professionals about how to play each hole and it will have an interactive scorecard.

“We will also have a couple of our golf buggies fitted out with iPads so the app can be displayed on them.

“The new course has bedded down really well and we’re looking forward to a busy summer.”

To download the app search for ‘My Caddie’, and Parley’s course is listed there.

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