Theft of our buggy batteries

Parley Golf Centre is asking people to keep an eye out for 20 batteries from its buggies that were stolen overnight on Sunday.

Staff arrived on Monday morning at the club opposite Bournemouth Airport to discover that the carts had been targeted by thieves.

The batteries are worth several thousand pounds and the golf centre is appealing for anyone who knows anything to call the police.

It is also warning other golf clubs in the area that thieves are operating and targeting buggy batteries.

Daryl Dampney, manager of the centre which last year opened a new £250,000 course and practice centre, said: “Of course this is highly frustrating.

“Five buggies were targeted and each one had four large batteries beneath the seat that were removed.

“We have invested heavily in the course and facilities, including this fleet of buggies.

“There were players who wanted to use them and were unable to and while we’re insured it doesn’t solve the frustration we are feeling.

“We want to warn other clubs to be on their guard and also to appeal for people to keep their eyes open for these stolen batteries.”

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