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  • Having trouble with your stance?
  • Need help with your putting?
  • Or just starting your love/hate affair with the beautiful game?

Our PGA professionals are on hand for one-to-one tuition. Call 01202 591600 to book a ‘one-off’ or series of lessons.

Chris Brook

Chris is our resident AA PGA International Golf Coach. He coaches tournament professionals and serious amateurs. Chris graduated from the PGA Training Academy in 1995. Since then he has set out to become a great instructor of the golf mechanics. His extensive knowledge of biomechanics and kinematic efficiency has steadily built him a reputation for being an instructor for both tournament professionals and elite amateurs.

His keenness to develop some of the future champions focuses him on using logical and visual techniques to help produce the “complete golfer”. Chris’s coaching methods vary whether you’re a feel or technical golfer. He will coach you whilst on tour or at his coaching facility in the UK.

He uses all the latest analysis equipment including K-Vest, TRACKMAN and Video. If you are a tournament professional or serious amateur looking for a different approach then contact Chris.

Lessons with Chris start from £35

Chris can be contacted by phone on 07968 104268

Peter Thompson

Peter is our resident Fellow of the Professional Golfer’s Association. He has taught many thousands of golfers including:

  • England’s leading amateur of all time.
  • County champions.
  • Professional winners of the Australian, Portuguese and Kenyan Open Championships.
  • Amateur golfers of all standard who have won innumerable competitions or have simply enjoyed improving their own standards.

Peter Thompson’s philosophy is based on over forty years experience of teaching golf. It recognises that every golfer has different ambitions and is different both physically and mentally, and therefore requires individual tuition. A written report will be given after each lesson.

In 2000, Peter began using a computerised system using two cameras from different angles. This system whilst similar to his previous system allows direct comparisons to world class golfers and monitors the progress of the pupil from their first lesson. Your lesson can be recorded to a DVD and/or VCR tape.

Tuition Charges

Book your lesson with Reception on 01202 591600 or with Peter directly on 07801 051687.
45min – £ 50.00
(Book 6 lessons for £250, 13 lessons for £500 – block bookings payable on first lesson)

Lesson Times

  • Tuesday | 08:00 to 14:00
  • Wednesday | 14:00 to 20:00
  • Thursday | 14:00 to 20:00
  • Friday | 08:00 to 14:00
  • Saturday | 08:00 to 12:00
  • Sunday | closed
  • Monday | closed

Marcus Urbye

Marcus Urbye qualified as a PGA Professional in 2004. Formerly an Academy Golf Coach for the Dorset Golf Partnership, and also Dorset County Development Officer. He dedicates his time to teaching the game of golf to all ages and abilities.

Marcus provides individual, group and junior coaching to beginner, intermediate and advanced golfers on the long game, the short game, awkward lies and course management.

Marcus specialises in on course lessons to help you get the most from your lesson.

40 minutes – £30 (includes 60 range balls)

1 hour – £50 (includes 100 range balls)

To book contact Marcus on 07703 500404 or visit his website below to book online.

Marcus also offers adult group lessons, a great way to get into golf with like minded people. Sessions last an hour and cost £54 for a block of 6 lessons.

Andrew Pakes

Andrew`s career has spanned 35 years as a PGA Golf Professional firstly as a tournament player, thereafter spending 28 years “growing the game” in Germany and Denmark. During this time he has had the privilege to coach some of Europe`s top young amateur golfers amongst thousands of beginners and club golfers. He gladly took the responsibility to design and construct a unique learning facility and 9 hole course in Denmark whilst managing the golf operations. He has always focused on professionalism and personal development and can boast the following qualifications.

  • PGA Class AA Golf Professional
  • Certified Putting Zone Coach
  • NLP Sports Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • TPI Level 1 Physical Trainer

Andrew decided in 2015 to return to his native Bournemouth, where his professional life began, to continue his career and personal development. Unique to Bournemouth Andrew can link his mental skills with his technical skills producing a fun and effective learning environment for all levels. You will find him daily around the golf centre or in the Proshop. Pop in for a friendly chat.

One 60 min. lesson is £40

One 30 min. lesson is £25

Further information can be found on his website


07950 594670

Harry Shaw

The Tattooed Golf Coach

Harry offers lessons and support to all types of golfers, whether you are looking to become the next Tiger Woods, learn how to play the game for the first time or wanting to take your friends beer money every Saturday afternoon.

Harry wants to push the limits with golf and open the door for anyone to play. He is not your typical ‘boring’ golfer, with tattoos and his ‘unique’ dress sense, he is one of a kind.

Harry has set out not to become just a great instructor of golf but to offer ongoing support to help you enjoy the game. Harry now runs the Junior Academy at Parley Golf Centre and is keen to help junior golfers fall in love with the game.

For more information please visit his website:

Contact Details: Facebook –

Phone – 07988658035

Email –

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