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A scramble for charity at Parley Golf Centre

Parley Court Golf Club rised nearly £1,500 for Macmillan Caring Locally

Golfers from Parley Court Golf Club hit the spot when they raised almost £1,500 for Macmillan Caring Locally.

The annual charity golf day saw the participants tee off in a game of 18 hole Texas Scramble.

Parley recently invested £250,000 in the centre and the course was playing superbly.

Prizes were donated and a cheque for £1440.88 was presented to the Christchurch-based charity – not to be confused with the national cancer charity.

Macmillan Caring Locally is a specialist palliative care unit for patients in south east Dorset and south west Hampshire.

Dan Murphy, club captain, said: “Our charity day is always well supported by our members.

“And everyone locally is aware of the work the Macmillan Caring Locally does in our community.

“We were only too pleased to raise the money and donate it. And we were very grateful to Kier Group, B&Q for donating wonderful prizes.

“There was also a cream tea on offer plus a bric-a-brac stall.”

Parley goes fore technology

Parley Golf Centre has combined gaming and golf by installing Toptracer Range ball-tracing technology – the first club in the area to do so.

Bays in the driving range have a screen that shows the trajectory of the ball that has been hit, the distance, ball speed, launch angle and many other stats.

Golfers can now visit Parley but play a round on famous courses such as St Andrews thanks to the innovative installation.

It effectively combines a computer game with actual golf shots and it comes at no extra cost to those who visit the range.

Manager Daryl Dampney said: “The range has had a complete upgrade that includes the Toptracer Range technology.

“There are 19 of our 30 bays equipped with it and people absolutely love it.

“The ball-tracing shows all the details about every shot and friends can come and play rounds on various courses or have competitions amongst themselves.

“There is a free app that can be downloaded and each week we’ll announce who has won the longest drive and the closest to the pin competitions.

“We are always innovating and this investment follows on from our two robots that patrol the driving range and our overhead computer graphics of our own course.

“By installing the new technology we hope to attract new players and perhaps introduce them to the sport.

“It adds fun and entertainment and it will be regularly updated to keep people interested.

“Another bonus is that it is extremely easy to use – everything is controlled through the touch screen.

“The screens are free to use when you buy a bucket of balls.”

Recently the centre opposite Bournemouth Airport invested £250,000 extending its course and developing the practice centre that includes academy holes and a large short play area.

Neil gets that sinking feeling

After 14 years playing a weekly round of golf Neil Holdaway sank the first hole-in-one of his life at Parley Golf Centre.

He launched his Titleist ProV 1 ball with a 52 degree gap wedge on the 110-yard, 17th hole.

It bounced once then rolled into the cup, sparking great rejoicing on the tee.

The hole is on the part of the course that was extended during a £250,000 development of the centre opposite Bournemouth Airport.

Neil, who works at GSF Car Parts in Poole, said: “I had come close to getting a hole-in-one many times, but this was my first.

“I was just having a round with three friends and I hit the ball and the wind held it up a little before it landed on the green and rolled into the hole.

“I jumped up and down and high-fived everyone – I’m surprised the whole of Bournemouth didn’t hear me.

“I came back to the clubhouse and bought everyone a drink.”

Neil, who has a 12 handicap, has been a member of the club for 12 years and plays every Sunday.

Daryl Dampney, manager of the centre, said: “It’s what every golfer dreams of and we’ve had a few in recent years.

“Of course we’re all happy for him – and I enjoyed the spike in bar takings.”

Parley Golf Centre has a number of events this season including its ‘Parley Opens’ on September 19, 20, 21 and 22. There are competitions for ladies, seniors, mixed and men.

And its members have the club championship at the end of July and the entertaining Greenkeepers’ Revenge tournament on August 3.


Beebombs make Parley buzz

Native flowers will soon be adding beauty around the course at Parley Golf Centre with seeds being planted to encourage more wildlife.

The course was extended in 2017 and now it has bedded in staff are adding some finishing touches.

One of these is the scattering of Beebombs – pellets packed with wild flowers – that are created by hand on the Parley Court Estate where the centre is based.

The bombs contain 18 species of native wild flowers and require no gardening skills whatsoever to plant.

The Royal Horticultural Society has described the flowers chosen in the mix as ‘perfect pollinators’ and they will encourage bees.

Already a haven for wildlife the centre, opposite Bournemouth Airport, is a specialist practice destination.

The £250,000 redevelopment saw the extension of the nine-hole course, creation of a short game practice area with a huge green and even two academy holes.

The driving range has been upgraded and more innovations are coming.

Manager Daryl Dampney said: “Beebombs are based here and have been going for around 18 months.

“It made perfect sense to use their seeds to encourage the growth of native wild flowers that will encourage bees and other wildlife.

“We have a huge variety of wild and farm animals on the estate and believe we have a responsibility to encourage diversity.

“It will also please golfers who do appreciate the beauty of the surroundings when they have a round.

“The new course has settled down extremely well, is playing superbly and we are looking forward to a busy summer.”

Beebombs can be bought from the pitch-up-and-play centre where there is a café-bar open to all.

It’s golf, but not as you know it

Golfers keen to hide their faces when they mishit a shot can now do so at Parley Golf Centre – by playing at night.

It is one of the very few clubs in the country that has invested in LED equipment to illuminate the balls, fairways, greens and flags.

It is running six-hole competitions on Saturday and Thursday evenings until the end of February, with more dates to be added – and they are open to all.

Organised by Parley Court Golf Club, the competitions are meant as a bit of fun and a way of getting more golf in before winter turns to spring.

The balls have coloured LED lights inside them, which also makes them easier to find when they end up in the rough.

The fairways are illuminated like the runways at the neighbouring Bournemouth Airport, and the greens and flags also have bright lights on.

Dan Murphy, vice-captain of Parley Court Golf Club, said: “We’ve tried this before but the lights and equipment weren’t as good.

“The new LED balls are like hitting a normal golf ball, which makes them unlike any other LED ball on the market.

“They can be switched on and off via a torch so there’s no rush to find your ball before the light goes out.

“These ones are brilliant – literally – and we’re one of the only places in the country to have them.”

The cost is £15 for members and £25 for non-members.

To book in contact the club on 01202 591600 or email vice-captain Dan Murphy on

Macmillan receives our cheque

Parley Golf Centre handed over a cheque for £1,101 to Macmillan Caring Locally after its charity day.

The money will go towards Macmillan’s ‘Brick by Brick’ appeal which aims to raise £9m for a new palliative care unit at Christchurch Hospital.

Barry Wilson from the charity received the cheque from the club’s ladies captain Gill Ball.

The golfers played a three-team Texas Scramble on the course that last year received £250,000 of investment.

A cake stall on the 9th hole kept the energy levels up as the 13 teams competed for the title.

Gill said: “To raise money we had a second hand book stall, a plant stall and a grand raffle.

“The prizes were great and included a ‘date night for two’ at The Horns Inn, with a chauffeur-driven Tesla S, courtesy of Presla – Electric Chauffeurs.

“The Kier Group donated some John Lewis vouchers, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee supplied drinks and B&Q donated some plants.

“Our members are always very generous when it comes to supporting charities and Macmillan Caring Locally does amazing work.”

The winning team was Peter McIntosh, Colin Spooner and Eddie Lippmann.

Swinging for charity

A charity day held at Parley Golf Centre raised more than £1,100 for Macmillan Caring Locally’s ‘brick by brick’ appeal.

The golfers played a three-team Texas Scramble in Texas-style heat on the course that last year received £250,000 of investment.

A cake stall on the 9th hole kept the energy levels up as the 13 teams competed for the title.

Daryl Dampney, manager, said: “The final total raised was £1,101 and the players deserve a lot of credit because it was a scorching day.

“To raise money we had a second hand book stall, a plant stall and a grand raffle.

“The prizes were great and included a ‘date night for two’ in a chauffeur-driven Tesla S, courtesy of Electric Chauffeurs.

“The Kier Group donated some John Lewis vouchers, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee supplied drinks and B&Q donated some plants.

“Our members are always very generous when it comes to supporting charities and Macmillan Caring Locally does amazing work.”

The winning team was Peter McIntosh, Colin Spooner and Eddie Lippmann.

The charity’s ‘brick-by-brick appeal’ aims to raise £9m for a new palliative care unit at Christchurch Hospital.

Parley goes 3D

Parley Golf Centre has taken another technological swing forward by creating an overhead tour of its course and showing it on a big screen and through a mobile phone app.

The images have been converted into graphics that give an accurate bird’s eye look at the recently-extended course.

A large screen in the clubhouse displays the 18 holes and the app allows golfers to see what awaits them.

The app will double as a scorecard in future so players can keep a record of their round without the need of a little pencil.

This advance follows on from the introduction of Parley’s two robots that patrol the driving range, its state-of-the-art practice booths and the hi-tech simulator.

Made by Whole-in-1 golf, the free to download 3D flyover technology uses GPS data and also lets local businesses advertise.

Manager Daryl Dampney said: “We are dedicated to improving what we have to offer, not only on the course and in the clubhouse but through technological means.

“Having invested heavily in the new course and the practice area we want golfers to get the most out of them.

“This technology enables people to fly over the course before they play it and get a detailed idea of each hole.

“They can take a virtual tour of the fairway before they drive off and can check the orientation of the greens prior to putting.

“The app will also have tips from one of our professionals about how to play each hole and it will have an interactive scorecard.

“We will also have a couple of our golf buggies fitted out with iPads so the app can be displayed on them.

“The new course has bedded down really well and we’re looking forward to a busy summer.”

To download the app search for ‘My Caddie’, and Parley’s course is listed there.

Thanks for the defibrillator, Barry

A keen golfer who collapsed after having a massive heart attack miraculously survived – because the player behind him had just been on a ‘Heartstart’ first aid course.

Barry Duxbury had initially tried to wave his saviour through to play ahead of him, but David Price declined saying he was a slow player too.

He watched as Barry struck a magnificent drive up the middle of the fairway at Dorset’s Parley Golf Centre then set off after it along with his playing partner Colin Cox.

However, when David looked back up Barry had collapsed and plugged onto the fairway, face down.

He rushed to him and was able to put the new skills he had learned into action and began CPR while his playing partner Kelvin Holmes called 999.

David worked on Barry for 15 minutes before the paramedics arrived and took over, and got Colin to help him because the physical effort was so great.

Barry, 77, was taken to hospital where he amazed doctors by making a full recovery.

The first thing he did on being discharged was buy a defibrillator which he donated to the club opposite Bournemouth Airport.

Grandfather of two Barry, a retired shop proprietor, said: “The last thing I remember is walking towards the tee.

“The next thing I recall is waking up in hospital and being told what had happened.

“I can’t thank David, Colin and Kelvin enough because without them I wouldn’t be here.

“The doctors told me that only four per cent of people survive what happened to me, and of that four per cent the majority are brain damaged.

“Parley is a wonderful, friendly club and I’ve had so much support and kind messages.

“As soon as I was able I was back in the driving range, on the practice area and playing the new course.

“I also went out and bought a defibrillator – which hopefully will never be needed.

“My only regret is that I have no memory of the tee shot which I’m told was brilliant.”

David, 69, said: “I remember Barry waving myself and Kelvin through but we are quite slow and were in no hurry so I declined.

“Then Barry hit a fantastic tee shot, right down the middle of the fairway – the best shot he’d hit in months apparently. He set off after it with his partner Colin.

“As I set my ball down I looked up and saw Barry face down. I rushed over to him and his glasses had cut his face and he wasn’t breathing.

“Luckily I had been on a British Heart Foundation Heartstart course two weeks before so I did what I had learned and cleared the airways and started CPR.

“I found it very difficult to keep up so Colin helped me and Kelvin was on the phone relaying the information from the emergency services. It was a real team effort.

“The paramedics arrived and were so glad that we were doing something. They then took over and got a defibrillator and worked on him for another 15 minutes on the grass, then another 15 minutes in the ambulance.

“If Kelvin and I had gone ahead of Barry we wouldn’t have seen him collapse. And if I hadn’t been on the Heartstart course I wouldn’t have known what to do, and certainly wouldn’t have had the confidence to try anything.

“Straight afterwards Kelvin and his wife booked themselves on a course and I would recommend it to everyone. It is literally a life saver.”

Daryl Dampney, manager of the pay-and-play course, said: “We are so grateful for David, Colin and Kelvin for saving Barry.

“And we’re grateful to Barry for the defibrillator; we are planning to run some courses here so our staff and members can learn how to use it what to do if something similar happens.”

Parley Golf Centre invested £250,000 last year into a practice centre and a new course.

Balls to Parley

Daryl Dampney’s balls drop. Parley Golf Centre has 12,000 new range balls

Golfers at Parley Golf Centre’s driving range now have even fewer excuses if they miss-hit a shot – as it is now stocked with top-of-the-range balls.

The centre has bought 12,000 Callaway full-flight practice balls as well as equipping the range with new mats.

It is all part of the centre’s on-going investment programme which has seen the development of a new course and practice centre.

The new balls replicate regular ones used on the course and give a golfer a far better idea of how he or she is driving.

At the range is a bunker bay, a simulator, plus dedicated high-tech bays for coaching.

Anyone of any standard can turn up to practice and play – then content themselves in the café-bar.

The practice facilities at the centre opposite Bournemouth Airport attract players from many local clubs.

Manager Daryl Dampney said: “Our investment is ongoing and golfers really appreciate having good practice balls on the range.

“They fly true and full distances and have the same dimpling as Callaway’s regular balls.

“With a bit of sunshine people have flocked to the new course and anyone can turn up for a round.

“It’s the first full year the course has been open and the ground staff are delighted with it.

“Having a good quality driving range with excellent balls really does make a difference to those who use the facilities.”

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