Parley Golf Centre - Bournemouth

Chris Brook

Chris is our resident AA PGA International Golf Coach. He coaches tournament professionals and serious amateurs. Chris graduated from the PGA Training Academy in 1995. Since then he has set out to become a great instructor of the golf mechanics. His extensive knowledge of biomechanics and kinematic efficiency has steadily built him a reputation for being an instructor for both tournament professionals and elite amateurs.

His keenness to develop some of the future champions focuses him on using logical and visual techniques to help produce the “complete golfer”. Chris’s coaching methods vary whether you’re a feel or technical golfer. He will coach you whilst on tour or at his coaching facility in the UK.

He uses all the latest analysis equipment including K-Vest, TRACKMAN and Video. If you are a tournament professional or serious amateur looking for a different approach then contact Chris.


From £35:00

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